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Program: Body & Paint


Skills you won’t learn anywhere else

BMW’s Body and Paint Training Centers are fully equipped with the latest state-of-the-art tools, equipment and materials. Students utilize processes unique to the BMW Group as they advance their skill level.

BMW Icon Hands On | BMW STEP
90% hands-on learning in a live workshop environment

From learning about the structure, painting, detailing, finish and more.

BMW Icon Dollar | BMW STEP
Exposure to dealerships

Repair BMW’s to the exact BMW standard of engineering and excellence.

BMW Icon Knowledge | BMW STEP
BMW-specific training and knowledge

Compensated $15.00 an hour while in class.

BMW Icon Become a Master | BMW STEP
Hone Your Skills

This course better prepares individuals for the transition for a BMW certified collision repair center after graduation.


Course Overview

A BMW collision technician career begins with the right STEP. The BMW Service Technician Education Program (STEP) prepares people interested in a career as a certified BMW collision technician at one of our many certified collision centers in the United States.

  • BMW Systems—electronic repair manual, parts catalog, flat-rate manual.
  • Estimating.
  • Aluminum and Carbon-fiber technology.
  • Product introduction—all current models.
  • Repair and replacement of structural components.
  • Structural measuring (jig, universal, and electronic systems).
  • Repair and replacement of outer panels (steel, aluminum, plastic, SMC, carbon-fiber).
  • Approved component replacement methods (bolt-on, welding, bonding/riveting).
  • Paint repair, preparation and refinishing.
  • Glass repair and replacement.
  • Polishing and detailing.
  • Entry-level paintless dent repair.


Application is easy with these 3 simple steps:

1Review the program requirements.

Apply online or in person if a recruiter visits your school

2Complete and submit application .

Apply 6 months prior from course start date.

3Wait to hear back!

A STEP Recruiter will be in contact with you once your application has even received.

Program Requirements

  • Graduate with a post-secondary education in automotive technology with: 
    • GPA of 3.0 or better
    • 95% attendance rate or better
  • Clean driving record to BMW standards
  • Provide a work portfolio
  • Pass a pre-employment background check & drug screening


Class Availability

Apply now as spaces fill up fast due to smaller class sizes. Unsure which campus is for you? Take our quiz to find out the best one that suits your needs!


Meet a previous student and hear their experience
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Berwick, ME

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See a list of our frequently asked questions on our STEP programs here.
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