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Working in the automotive industry is a good STEP for you, if you’re looking for…

Clean shops, professional and manual.

BMW Students Discussing | BMW STEP
If you are the parent of a young adult with a passion for problem solving, who thrives in a hands-on and technical learning environment, becoming an automotive or collision technician may be the right career path for them. Let’s connect so you can help influence and support their career goals.
BMW Students Discussing | BMW STEP

The automotive industry will always exist.

Rest assured, people will always require cars. The demand for jobs in the automotive industry has been steadily increasing over the years. Don’t be fooled into thinking that an automotive career won’t provide you with a substantial income. In fact, the national average salary for an auto technician is $55,000 per year.

*Bureau of Labor Statistics September 2022.


National average salary for an auto technician per year.

Start Earning Faster!

The average cost of vocational school comes out to around $33,000 – for the entire education. This is the average cost of a single year of college. If you need to take out loans to pay for education, you are more than quadrupaling your loan debt and increasing how long it’ll take to pay off.

  • College Loan Debt
  • Trade School Loan Debt

Take the right STEPS with BMW and advance your career.

Associate [Fasttrack Graduate]
Certified [STEP Graduate]

“BMW MSTEP advanced my career massively. My electrical troubleshooting ability’s are far above anyone in the industry. And for that I’m grateful and thankful for the experience.”

MSTEP , Moved from Tennessee to California


“When it comes to learning and working on BMW’s, the BMW STEP program is the best place to improve your knowledge, hands-on, and diagnostic skills.”

STEP Automotive Graduate, Moved from Texas to California


“STEP provided me with the knowledge and hand skills to excel at the dealership”

STEP Automotive Graduate, Moved from Irvine to Riverside


If you are a teacher at an educational institute, parent of a student interested in the automotive industry, or a student enrolled in a post-secondary automotive or collision training education, email us at [email protected] and we will be happy to arrange a time that best suits your schedule to meet and talk about the BMW STEP program and further opportunities. 


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