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A male technician examines an engine with his STEP instructor supervising.

The Future is Waiting.

For 2022, the traditional STEP Program has been expanded from 16 to 24 weeks and all students will be paid to attend. Held at BMW National workshops across the country, each program is designed to provide mentorships to enhance the skills and knowledge of moderately experienced technicians so that once students graduate, they will be Certified Level trained and will be able to immediately make a bigger impact. Students will get more hands-on and workshop administrative process experience including working with DMS systems, warranty and parts.

Looking for the best of the best.

Qualifications to enter the BMW STEP program include:

  • Valid driver’s license acceptable to BMW standards
  • Completion of a post-secondary automotive program
  • A minimum 3.0 GPA at a post-secondary school
  • Student Work Portfolio Required – This new requirement will take effect on 9/30/20
    • Students applying to STEP will now need to submit a document and pictures (Word or PDF) of work they have performed demonstrating hand skills. The work performed can be from:
      • Work at an automotive repair shop (Tire store, garage, national chain)
      • Repairs or work they have done on their own car or family and friend cars
      • Work they have performed as part of their lessons in a post-secondary program
      • Home projects (home repairs, outdoor equipment repairs and maintenance, etc…)
      • Craft projects that involve the use of tools either hand, power or both
  • 95% attendance rate or better at a post-secondary school
  • Willingness and ability to accept a position at a BMW Dealership
  • Ability to support oneself during the training program process
  • Willingness to relocate if necessary
  • Drug screening
  • Background check

Amazing Opportunities Ahead.

BMW STEP is the ultimate training program for motivated service technicians. This program opens the door to a promising future with the leading retailer of luxury cars in the United States.

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